Project Management

Probably the most underestimated job - the project manager - is often the one that costs the most and has the highest risk of failure. Here we help you to eliminate the problems that are most often the cause of unsucessful projects - by supplying you with experienced project management and the tools and expertise to get the job done - as well as an unbiased determination to succeed - which is quite often a vital component in the process.
  1. Establish the goals - what does the project aim to achieve ?
  2. Evaluate the goals - are the goals realistic - measurable ?
  3. Motivate the members - is everyone behind us ?
  4. Set the milestones - where do we want to be, by when ?
  5. Negotiate the involvement - how much time can and will you dedicate ?
And more - a few steps in our methodology.

ERP and IT Consulting

SAP Consulting - MM/SD/WM
Project management, ABAP programming, customizing, interfaces to external systems, data capture, RFID systems - and more

Database Consulting (Oracle, MS-SQL, mySQL ..) programming (Java, c#, Visual Studio, .NET, PHP ) and various interfaces to SAP R/3, Unix, Oracle Financials, Navision and others. 

Logistics Consulting

Layouts, materials flow, structures, safety
Planning and managing a warehouse and its "ins and outs" is a job for those who have done it many times before. We can tell you what needs to be done and help you do it - or do the entire job for you - from the drawing board to the final system - from the fork lift truck to your invoice printing - you choose. 

Sample projects

SAP Consulting - MM/SD/WM Landsberg - Germany
Automotive supplier - needed a mobile data capture system to streamline his inhouse materials flow - we interfaced a web server to SAP R/3 and used PDA sized barcode and RFID scanners - project completed in 4 months - on schedule - at a cost 1/3 of the nearest competitor - by using standard components and a minimum of individual programming.

SAP Consulting - MM/WM Munich - Germany
A warehouse storage system from the 1970's needed to be interfaced to SAP R/3 - lowest offer was 125,000 Euro - our solution cost 24,000 Euro - completed ahead of schedule. 

Database Consulting Book Distributor - London - UK
Distributing books internationally is highly competitive - high value english language books and journals - are stored and redistributed on a same-day-in same-day-out basis - profitably and worldwide - with cost optimising for parcel and freight services suppliers providing the leading edge. We managed the project and did all the programming - using standard software components wherever possible. 

Warehousing Parts and Supplies - Germany
Managing 45.000 parts and picking 4.000 of these daily in the smallest possible floor space and delivering these within 24 hours with more than 98% on time was deemed to be impossible - it wasn't. We helped to get the job done. 

Foods Milk Products - Germany, Switzerland 
A supplier of packaged yoghurt products urgently needed a system to manage his packaging - hundreds of different labels and varieties of containers - without the prohibitive cost and complexity of a full-blown ERP system - and without bloating his stocks of packaging materials - we supplied an interim solution - until his ERP system could do the job - productive within a month. The interim solution stayed for 4 years and he never once ran out of material. 
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